Mark Bonair

Mark Bonair

Hello, I’m Mark Bonair.

Welcome to the Ellanora Journal, a website devoted to all things spiritual. It is dedicated to Ellanora, a brave young woman who saved a people by virtue of spiritual truth.

Like many others from all ages, I see spirituality as a personal, inner experience of growing spiritual discovery, one that greatly benefits the individual as well as their families and communities. I do not represent any organized religion, but I do my best to promote the most rewarding ideas and practices from all of them. My articles are, therefore, influenced by a number of spiritual and religious traditions. But for the most part, they reflect the philosophy, values, and ideals of The Urantia Book (as I understand it).

In addition to spiritual pursuits, I’m a strong advocate of scientific research and philosophical endeavors. I believe all of these activities will inevitably lead us to a better understanding of God, the universe, the world, and ourselves. And as we progress and deepen our understanding, we will create a better world for everyone.

The God Experience

Much of what you find posted here is available in my book, The God Experience‚ÄĒMaking Contact, which is available in print or as an ebook from Amazon. I sincerely hope that the book and the posts on this website will help you to attain the most important and valuable goal of life, which is not only to be a better person, but also to become spiritually mature. And the sure method of accomplishing this, is by making intimate contact with the spirit of God that indwells you.

The Urantia Book

The Urantia Book is a profound revelation of God, heaven, and the universe. Many of its concepts and ideas are easily understood, while others are complex and challenging. Ideally, everyone should read it for themselves. But for those who find this wonderful tome a little too daunting, my goal is to clarify some of the most essential concepts in a straightforward manner.

I use many quotes from the book throughout these posts and provide a citation number in each. You can follow these links to The Urantia Book if you would like to continue reading about the topic. It is available in print from Amazon, or online free of charge at the Urantia Foundation and other sites.

Please note: As an Amazon Associate, I earn a few pennies from qualifying purchases, all of which goes toward the cost of maintaining this website.


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